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Birthdate:Apr 18
Elainia Surana (Lainie, to her friends) is quick-witted, sharp-tongued, and extraordinarily impatient. She's quick to befriend, but slow to trust--due in large part to being torn from her family at such a young age.

Taken to the Circle of Magi when she was six years old, she was recruited into the Grey Wardens just after completing her Harrowing. With her merry band of misfits, she succeeded in slaying the Archdemon and ending the fifth blight. After several years of serving as Warden-Commander of the Grey in Amaranthine, she's decided it's time for a well-earned vacation.

Lainie specializes in Primal magic, but has a fairly good knowledge of the entropic arts as well. Don't bother asking her to heal you, she's absolute rubbish at healing spells. But she's also picked up another talent, one that she learned through a rather strange set of circumstances...

PB is Laura Vandervoort
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