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Decisions, Decisions


Helped Jowan destroy his phylactery (didn't rat him out to Irving)

Sided with the mages

Let Jowan perform the ritual at Redcliffe, letting Isolde sacrifice herself to save Connor

Made the deal with the Desire Demon--learned how to use blood magic

Sided with the Dalish

Made Aeducan king, let Oghren kill Branka, destroyed the Anvil of the Void

Romanced Zevran through entire game (apart from a little tryst with Bann Teagan)

Got maximum approval with Alistair, Zevran, Sten, Oghren, and Leliana

Neutral leading towards friendly with Morrigan, neutral leaning towards rivalry with Wynne

Made Anora queen, executed Loghain

Alistair did the Dark Ritual with Morrigan

For her boon, asked for autonomy for the mages (not like that helped much)


Got max approval with Anders, Nathaniel, Sigrun, and Oghren

Gave Dwynn everything he needed to upgrade the Keep

Found ore for Wade to fully upgrade armor and weapons

Helped Constable Aidan rid Amaranthine of the smugglers

Killed the Dark Wolf, killed Bann Esmerelle

Defended Amaranthine at end of game

Killed the Architect

Made Nathaniel Warden-Commander when she left Amaranthine